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In September we welcomed Kendra Bohunicky, Facility Operations Assistant. Kendra has already met many families while working in our offices, mausoleums and on the grounds. When asked for her bio, Kendra wrote a lovely write-up to share.


My background and passion has always been in health and fitness.

Before the Covid pandemic, I had my own personal training business.  I enjoyed one-on-one sessions, but my favorite thing to do was to instruct a class full of twenty plus people.

Words cannot describe the energy of a full class sweating, listening to loud motivational music, and seeing people give it their all while having a good time doing so. They would often thank me for helping them change their lives. I would always tell them it wasn’t me, “they had to make the commitment and hold themselves accountable.” Helping people feel good about themselves gave me great joy.

After the pandemic I decided to go back into a field in which I worked in as a very young woman. I become a veterinarian technician. I helped sick animals, some days were a lot more trying than others. The schedule was extremely hard and the job was starting to effect my own personal wellness.  I knew I had to take another direction.

I found out about the Facility Operations Assistant position at Albany Diocesan Cemeteries. The job seemed like a perfect fit for me. I would be active and also help people – in a very different way. Working in the cemeteries is comforting and brings me back to childhood memories. Growing up my mother was very much into history. I remember being a little girl going to different cemeteries and watching her clean monuments as I did my homework.

I’m now responsible for maintaining and cleaning the community mausoleums and cemetery offices. Every day I meet people who come and visit their deceased loved ones. I want to make sure that they have a clean and pleasant environment to visit.

I’m privileged to listen to visitor’s stories if they choose to share. I am once again helping people!

I also get my doggy fix, as many walk their dogs on our grounds. I’ve started to carry dog treats.

I feel blessed to be working with such an incredible crew of people. I felt welcomed from the very start. I hope to be with Albany Diocesan Cemeteries for many years to come.


We’re delighted to have Kendra with us as part of the ADC team. Thank you and welcome Kendra!

Below are photos of Kendra and her pets.

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