Anatomical Gift Program Memorial Service at Historic St. Agnes Cemetery

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For the past 39 years, Albany Diocesan Cemeteries has donated individual grave spaces and interment services for Catholics who have donated their bodies to the Anatomical Gift Program through Albany Medical College and wish to be interred at Historic St. Agnes Cemetery.

Family and friends of individuals who chose to donate were invited to attend this years poignant memorial service:

2022 Anatomical Gift Memorial Service:
Monday, August 22nd, 2:00pm

The St. Agnes mausoleum at St. Agnes Cemetery, 48 Cemetery Ave. Albany
Celebrant: Father James O’Rourke

We ask that all visitors please observe any current CDC and State recommended safety protocols during your visit.

In 1983, Albany Diocesan Cemeteries partnered with Albany Medical Center to offer grave space in appreciation and respect for the sacrifice that these individuals and their families have made for medical science. Since then, 581 Anatomical Gift interments have been completed at St. Agnes.

When studies by medical students are completed, the body is cremated and placed in an urn. Participants are granted two cremation grave spaces so they can choose to be interred with a loved one, and a personalized bronze memorial and flower vase can be placed graveside.  We encourage memorialization so family, friends and future generations can have a peaceful place to visit, remember and celebrate their loved ones. Bronze memorials can be designed and purchased through the cemetery or The Catholic Monument Design Center.

Each year we encourage family and friends who wish to pay their respects to join us in honoring those who have made this sacrifice.

Catholic cemeteries are sacred not only because of a blessing or consecration, but also by the sacred functions performed on behalf of the entire Christian community: holding the bodies, once temples of the Holy Spirit, until the Lord comes again in glory.

Having worked here for years, I have come to love what each one of us is famous for in God’s eyes.  Your loved one is extraordinary for their selflessness of committing their bodies to benefit society, but that is not the sum total of what they will be remembered for, in your eyes or God’s eyes.  Anatomical Gift is just a reflection of their lifelong sacrifice, their faith, and their love of their family and friends, many of whom are gathered here today.

Here in the Catholic cemeteries we share your family’s belief in the resurrection of the body at the end of time.  We are a community of faith who prays for one another.  I always say the cemetery is the safest place to grieve – we all know why we are here.  And we are consoled in our grief through the message of hope in our Masses.”– Lori Biskup, Albany Diocesan Cemeteries

Albany Diocesan Cemeteries is honored to donate services and grave space in recognition of the generous gift that these donors and their families provide.

3 thoughts on “Anatomical Gift Program Memorial Service at Historic St. Agnes Cemetery

  1. Susan Morse says:

    What a wonderful memorial to those who have donated their bodies to science. This is an excellent partnership with Albany Medical Center. I have called for the forms for an anatomical gift so will no doubt be in your beautiful cemetery someday – I hope not too soon!

    1. Jennifer Mele says:

      We couldn’t agree more! Delighted to hear you’re planning on being a donor and we welcome you to contact us to make your cemetery arrangements. Hooray for you on making these important arrangements ahead of time!!!
      Wishing you health and blessings for many years to come.

  2. Jennifer Mele says:

    It is a wonderful program!

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