Fall Painting Classes at Historic St. Agnes Cemetery

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Paint Club kicks off the fall season with a series of art classes that will expand your knowledge of painting techniques and improve your skills as an artist.  Our classes are designed to be easy to follow, informative and a lot of fun.  Our resident art instructor, Noreen Powell, has been with us since the inception of Paint Club in 2012.  Her positive and calm nature fosters an atmosphere of creativity and peace.

The Living Room Art Gallery, Located in Historic St. Agnes Cemetery’s Visitors Center: 48 Cemetery Ave., Menands, NY

Classes include paints (acrylic & oil), brushes, various sized canvas, and delicious baked goods from the famed Schuyler Bakery, gourmet coffees and teas and wonderful, positive energy.

Classes are $30 unless noted otherwise and due the morning before the start of class.

Fall Class Schedule:

  • Oct. 1, 10am – Noon: Green Apple on a Glass Shelf
  • Oct. 15, 10am – Noon: Dappled Apples based on a work by Cheri Wollenberg
  • Oct. 29, 10am – Noon: Salute Sunset with acrylic and metallic acrylic paint
  • Nov. 5, 10am – Noon: Basket of Goldenrod
  • Nov. 12, 10am – Noon: Burning Bush
  • Nov. 19, 10am – Noon: Ye Olde Potting Shed

Seating is limited so register early. To register call Kelly Grimaldi at (518) 350-7679 or email [email protected]

As with all our classes, no experience is necessary.  Come, learn, paint, relax!

Art classes at St. Agnes Cemetery

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