Fall Cemetery Clean-Up For All Albany Diocesan Cemeteries

Posted on September 1, 2020 by Jennifer Mele under All Cemeteries, Cemetery Clean-up Announcements, Clean ups and Decorations

The Fall general clean-up for our cemeteries and lots will begin on Monday, November 2, 2020 at all Albany Diocesan Cemeteries. Lot owners are requested to remove any decorations they wish to save before Nov. 2.

Fresh cut flowers in an approved vase are always permitted provided they are in good condition. Also any new seasonal decoration may be left providing the decoration is in accordance with the current Cemetery Rules and Regulations. All other decorations will be removed during the cleanup. The cleanup of all cemeteries takes some time, and depending on weather and the number of burials, may take a week to complete. During the cleanups, cemetery staff removes and discards all items from graves.

Operations employees are instructed to leave any permitted seasonal decoration that appears to be newly placed. Of course, this is a judgment call for our staff, so it is better to wait until after the cleanup to place decorations. Items placed in violation of cemetery rules and regulations or in disrepair may be removed and discarded at any time.

In addition, the cemetery conducts a cleanup of Christmas decorations beginning January 15, time and weather permitting.

Read more information regarding decoration regulations in Albany Diocesan Cemeteries.

Christmas clean-up starts: Jan. 15

Thank you for helping to keep our cemeteries beautiful!

Annual clean-up dates start:
Nov. 2, 2020
Jan. 15, 2021
Apr. 1, 2021 

2 thoughts on “Fall Cemetery Clean-Up For All Albany Diocesan Cemeteries

  1. Avatar Elaine Neiss says:

    Our gravestone has attached vases on either side. We put seasonal silk flowers in those. Are they discarded during cleanup? And if so why? They do not hinder lawn maintenance.

    1. Avatar Jennifer Mele says:

      If they are winter flowers (seasonal) in good shape, then they will not be removed.

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