Sts. Cyril & Method Cemetery 100th Anniversary Commemorative Mass- Share your stories of loved ones buried at St. Cyril & Method!

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On Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 10:00am we invite the community to gather with Father O. Robert DeMartinis for a Sts. Cyril & Method Cemetery 100th Anniversary Commemorative Mass at Sts. Cyril & Method Cemetery, 611 Duanesburg Rd. (Rte 7), Rotterdam, NY 12306.

The Mass will take place in the cemetery under a tent. A light snack reception will take place after Mass. We hope that you will join us! RSVP’s are appreciated, but not necessary.

Do you have inspiring or endearing stories about loved ones buried in Sts. Cyril & Method Cemetery? What stories have been passed down to you about family here in the early 1900s?

On this page in the comments section below, please share these stories, or photographs (e-mail photographs to [email protected]), or if you prefer, just list the names of loved ones that are with us at Sts. Cyril & Method.

Your stories, photographs, and names will be featured as a special part of the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Mass.

Please contact (518) 374-5319 or [email protected] for more information or to RSVP.

Comment from a thank you note sent by a Commemorative Mass attendee:

Hello Lori – a little note to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful 100 year celebration!  The weather was perfect, and you all were so warm and inviting.  Father Bob, of course, delivered a beautiful and heartfelt sermon, he is an amazing person and priest.  There even was a pretty Monarch butterfly (a sign of resurrection) fluttering around the tent – how very special!

Once again, many thanks – I did get your e-mail address from Elizabeth (who has been so helpful to me).  Would you kindly pass this information to those who assisted?

Have a blessed weekend,   K.F.


Sts. Cyril and Method Church and Cemetery as Part of the Rotterdam Community

Records pertaining to the Church of Sts. Cyril and Method and accompanying cemetery note the establishment of the church and cemetery as 1917.  The church, located at 1125 Congress Street, Schenectady had a large number of parishioners of Slovakian heritage.  The Parish’s cemetery was comprised of 18 acres of level ground and was managed by the church before coming under the management of Albany Diocesan Cemeteries on October 1, 1987.  The very first burial in the cemetery noted in interment records now kept in Mount Carmel’s archives was for Ludmilla Ralbovsky, age 18 months died September 1, 1917 and buried in section B. A modest stone marks the family’s gravesite.

5 thoughts on “Sts. Cyril & Method Cemetery 100th Anniversary Commemorative Mass- Share your stories of loved ones buried at St. Cyril & Method!

  1. Ken Maleck says:

    My summer job from 1964-66 was working for superintendent John Gadus at St Cyril cemetery. I was my first job & my favorite job. Altho all we did was mow the grass, pick weeds from around the stones, and gab with the gravedigger (Bob Loehr), it nonetheless seemed like the deal of a lifetime. John Gadus was quite the character. He rode his bicycle from his home on 6th Ave to the cemetery. He felt the need to impart much of his wisdom to us high school kids. He was proud of serving in WWII, and made you feel at home, and made certain that you came away with and understanding and appreciation of your Slovak heritage.
    On Fridays, the work venue switched to the church where we mopped floors and cleaned other areas. If he felt you did your fair share of work, you got a soft drink from the bar area of the bowling alley that was underneath the parish hall. And at season’s end, you got to bowl 1 game, with John acting as pin boy. John lived his faith… and taught us to serve; not to be served.
    Whatever you thought about your time spent working with John, it was assured it was an experience you would never forget.
    How fitting it is that John is buried in a place he loved, St Cyril’s cemetery, one of the first graves on the right at the main entrance.

    1. Jennifer Mele says:

      What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Louise and Gus Polli and family says:

    On this occasion, we celebrate the lives of three very special women at rest in Sts. Cyril and Method Cemetery: Josephine Micillo, Diane Bursi, and Antoinette Bursi; always loved, never forgotten.
    Louise and Gus Polli and family

    1. Jennifer Mele says:

      Thank you for adding your comment in special recognition of your loved ones, Josephine Micillo, Diane Bursi, and Antoinette Bursi. We hope you will attend the Commemorative Mass this Saturday and share their names in Prayers of the Faithful.

  3. I will be attending the mass at St Cyril in honor of my mom, Concetta who passed on September 30, 2017. I have attached a photo here of her . Thank you.

    Michelle A. VanWoeart

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